Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India
While the website itself would address most of your queries, we appreciate students have unique enquiries which we try to address for all concerned through this FAQ section.

Please browse through this section, before addressing any queries to us:
  • Q. Is there any language requirement for this course?

    Ans. The medium of instruction is English, so you are expected to have a sufficient knowledge of English. You will occasionally encounter Sanskrit terms, the meanings and significance of which will be explained in English.
  • Q. Will I be able to teach yoga Internationally, in my country with this certification?

    Ans. The Yoga Teacher Training certificate provided upon successful completion is Internationally Valid and allows you teach almost anywhere in the World. If there are some specific guidelines for your country that we are not aware of, it is your duty to inform us. But, this certification allows you to teach in the major countries- US, UK, Canada, Australia and indeed most countries of the World.
  • Q. What is the nearest airport? How do I get to Rishikesh from there?

    Ans.The nearest International Airport is New Delhi, the capital of India and has connections from almost all the major airports of the World. We provide a 1-way transfer facility and your arrival needs are taken care of from the moment your arrive at New Delhi airport. This may include a transit night at New Delhi (in case of inconvenient flight timings) followed by transfer to Rishikesh the following day OR then a direct transfer to Rishikesh by Car. The distance from New Delhi is about 240 kms.
  • Q. What about safety, especially as a single woman traveler?

    Ans.Rishikesh is a very safe town and we take special care of your safety while taking care of your transit arrangements. So you have nothing to worry about.
  • Q. Are there any clothing requirements?

    Ans.While you will be provided details in the travel advisory that follows after your registration, women are expected to be modestly dressed with minimal show of skin. It is advisable to wear clothing that covers shoulders and low-necks should be avoided. Likewise long skirts or trousers during travel are advised. Course dress would be recommended alongwith the advisory.
  • Q. Do I need to get vaccinations? What about Malaria?

    Ans.Vaccinations are not mandatory and we never advise on them, as it is a matter of personal choice. Mosquitos are an issue in most parts of India although Malaria is not predominant in Rishikesh. Also, there is an abundant supply of repellents locally and you should be okay. But, for abundant caution, if you decide to take Malaria medication, please take them well before your trip to get over the nausea and sickness that often accompanies such medication.
  • Q.What kind of Visa is required?

    Ans. You should apply for a TOURIST Visa only to visit us for this course and the Purpose stated as “visit to India for tourism to experience yoga at Rishikesh, or visit the Taj mahal etc.” as the case may be. Please Note that we are not a University and are NOT able to offer Student Visa eligibility. Please do NOT mention “study” in your application form to avoid complications. An Invitation form is not required for Tourist Visa. Contact the Indian Embassy in your country for your tourist visa. Contact details of the Indian Embassy in your country can be found here (
  • Q. What all do I need to bring? Is stuff available locally?

    Ans. Almost all requirements of daily needs are easily available locally including toiletries. The standard electrical connection is 230V, 3-pin round sockets. So you may like to carry appropriate adaptors from your country. More details are available in the travel advisory that follows your registration.
  • Q. Will I have free time to do my own thing?

    Ans. daily schedule is fairly filled and you may like to use your free time during the day to rest & further your learning through reading & assignments. Yet, you almost always find time and enough flexibility to meet your requirements. Moreover, Sunday (besides the optional morning class) is free for you to plan your activities.
01 Sep 2014 To 28 Sep 2014 US$ 1450
06 Oct 2014 To 02 Nov 2014 US$ 1450
10 Nov 2014 To 07 Dec 2014 US$ 1450
02 Feb 2015 To 01 Mar 2015 US$ 1450
09 Mar 2015 To 05 Apr 2015 US$ 1450
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Yoga Teacher Training in India Testimonial

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  • I chose to study at Ajarya because they looked professional on the website. I was pleasantly surprised to find they were not only professional, but also knowledgeable, friendly, open and fun. I would highly recommend the Ajarya Yoga Academy to anyone with an interest in Yoga.

    Ajarya Yoga Teacher Training in India Testimonial


  • Thank you for a great time and a great education. I really felt taken care of through the whole program, everything from first contact to accommodation to teaching, to free time (such as visiting sights, going to the doctor and getting a surprise party for my birthday) really was well arranged and high quality.

    Ajarya Yoga Teacher Training in India Testimonial

    - Sweden

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